View Full Version : color tween?

07-20-2001, 03:13 PM

i have got the following problem:

i made a navigation menu w/ 7 elements. the menu bar is in monochromatic (so it consists i.e. of 3 different blues(lite,mid,dark) to give an overall impression of blue...)

i want to morph the colors whenever the user clicks on one of the navigation elements so that every meun area has its own color.

ok, if i had 3 menu elements i would simply create the color tweens by hand - but the problem is w/ 7 elements i would have to make 7*7-7= 42 morphs! thats just mpossible! therefore i would like to make this w/ action script.

a color tween w/actionscript.

how to do this?


my email is [email protected]