View Full Version : PopUpManager placing window below loaded swf depths

02-12-2004, 11:32 AM
using macromedia's Window component....
I have a swf called 'A'.
In swf A I create a Window component using the PopUpManager.
I publish this swf and the Window appears on top of everything like it should.
I have a swf called 'B'.
I load A into B.
When it comes time for A to display the Window it appears UNDER everthing on the stage in B and A and anything else that is loaded. As if it had the lowest depth possible :(.
Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

I do not use absolute references in my code if you are thinking that is the problem. I have tried creating the popup window in swf B directly and I get the same bad result. I suspect this is a problem with the PopUpManager and the DepthManager that it uses. If that is the case, does anyone have some good code similar to what the Modal Window code does that will allow me to create my own Modal Window without using the manager? ie: a window that "eats" all mouse clicks. Thanks.