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07-29-2001, 06:29 AM
Iím sitting here munching on my lunch and I figured Iíd write a bit of a rundown of the events that kept me busy over the last 4 days. I was one of the lucky delegates/attendees at FK01, Australiaís first real Flash conference, organized by http://www.flashkit.com and australia.internet.com.
I flew into Sydney (Australia) on Wednesday and spent a while meandering about the city, looking for Centre Point Tower.
Thursday was Day 1 and I rocked up at 8.30am to register, received my little name-tag and party-pack and started mingling. For me, the mingling opportunity made the whole conference worthwhile. How often do you have a chance to meet up with 400 or so likeminded professionals? Not often enough!
At the Welcome Note and Breakfast, Mark and Mike introduced themselves and gave us an idea of what to expect over the next 48 hours. Mark also gave us some FlashKit site traffic statistics that would make your mouth water.
The ActionScript & Adavanced Flash Features session, with David and Rasheed covered the OO nature of Flash ActionScript impressively considering the time constraints. I was busy gasbagging during the next session so I missed most of Jeremy Yuilleís session, but what I heard was useful. Flash gaming with Patrick Thiel and Ashley Ringrose was funny and inspiring, with both speakers running through a variety of tips and tricks theyíd gathered during their Flash career.
Day 2 brought a great interview with Jeremy Allaire on the Future Of Flash, and itís a bright future indeed. Jeremy took us through existing developments using Flash on pocket PCs and spoke about just a few of the exiting mediums which Flash is yet to penetrate. This was one of my favourite sessions.
Interface Design and Usability with David and Keran was really useful, even for an old hand like me. Having never (literally) worked on a Mac, David taught me a few things which will change the way I design my own sites. No pop ups period! Much of what was discussed was common-sense but it needed discussion because many people arenít using their common-sense in design nowadays :)
Flash And Marketing was fun. Ian MacDonald ( http://www.amnesia.com.au ) is my new creative idle. He made the session intriguing, funny and fun, using Flash in his presentation to great advantage. The topics covered were pretty specific to big business but the fact that it dealt with interactive advertising in the way of games kept me interested throughout.
Markís 100% Badass session took us back to the beginning and reminded me why I got into this business in the first place.
Flash Gaming was great fun also and covered many interesting issues. I would have loved for that session to go for a few hours, but what we did see and hear was great.
Finally, Patrick asserted his authority by unveiling his latest gaming masterpiece. Just for the amount of time and effort that went into it he deserved an award but the working version he showed us was awesome!
The rest of the time not outlined above, including several hours during the Cocktail Reception, was spent making new friends and putting faces to names. Iíve gone on a bit here, so Iíll shut up now. Suffice to say it was heaps of fun and Iíll hope to see you all there next year!

07-29-2001, 04:51 PM
Hi Jesse,

Nice report. :) Could you elaborate on the "interface design and usability" aspect of your report? I'd really be interested in reading more about that topic. Why no more pop ups? Thanks.


07-30-2001, 06:33 AM
Well David showed us that Macs, which have no 'maximize' functionality throw a fit with popups. When a window is popped with specific dimensions, it sets the default for all new browser windows and the user must drag their window out again in order to reset their preferential default. I know that would annoy me no end, so I don't wanna do it to others.
The session coverred a lot but the major points were: don't be too fancy - not everyone viewing your site is a designer. People like standards. If you hide their mouse they might get confused. If you make your buttons such that the hand doesn't appear, they might not know it's a button, etc. They also coverred the pros and cons of intros and fancy-schmancy intros...

07-30-2001, 06:02 PM
Hey Jesse,

Thanks for that. I have been to sites where my window gets resized and I have to manually resize them back. It is a total piss off and I rarely go back to that site. Everything you wrote makes sense. I guess it all depends on who your target audience.


07-31-2001, 07:14 AM
What were the FlashKit site traffic statistics ?

Any elaboration ? (very curious - couldn't make the event)


07-31-2001, 08:01 AM
in the order of 3Million unique users a month, 1Tb download per month.

07-31-2001, 02:12 PM
:eek: :eek: :eek:

08-01-2001, 10:01 AM

It is good to hear someone else had a good time at FK01.
When i was there i was glad i had an opportunity to meet some extremely talented people, and to know where flash is going and to learn some design tips from some of the best in the industry.


08-04-2001, 08:43 AM
It was great to meet so many people, including Jesse as well, we had a brief chat!

It was a real blast, and I have learnt a lot myself, I really got inspired by a lot of the sessions, and I really enjoyed Patrick Thiels and Brent Dunns work.

I have learnt a lot and now I am getting psyched for LA, that one should be huge, and I hope to meet a great many of you there!

Keep up the good work!

08-04-2001, 08:45 AM

I understand how your inbox feeles Jesse :) write a FAQ I did and it cut my emails from thousands to hundreds a day!

As far as stats go...

we did 42 million page views last month (a slow month) serve over a terabyte in data a month and get around 3 mill visitors a month.

Its a monster site!


08-05-2001, 03:04 AM
I feel your pain mate. hehe. Only 42m impressions? That's 41 more than us :)