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03-18-2004, 11:30 AM
I am slowly but surely making the transition from designer to developer, but so many question still loom.

I want to create a simple quiz and that part is no problem. What is really going to get me is the back-end part. Looking for opinions on how to go about it.

Here is my vision: :)

At the beginning a standard form with fields for the person's name... email... etc. (with error checking)

After competion of the form they go on to the questions.
25 questions total ( I got this part down fine) I was thinking of using an xml file to populate the questions.

At the completion of the quiz, they submit it and it is sent to a database of some sort ( I am thinking of Access since it will probably run on an NT system). This will include all the fields from the form as well as their answers.

Also would like to be able to query the database and have it pull up those people submitted with the most correct answers.

Here really are my questions:

Is what I am wanting to do feasible?

Am I going about it the right way?

Are there any good tuts out there on connecting flash to access databases?

I guess this question is as much about databases as it is the flash, but when combining the two, am I going about it correctly?

I know much of this is very fundamental for many of you, but if you could take the time to point me in the right direction I would be truly greatful!

Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to reply.


03-19-2004, 09:25 AM
You have the right idea, you should know that to connect flash to database, you're going to need an intermediary (unless you're using MX2004 Pro). You can use ASP if this is an NT box. ASP is a pretty simple language, you shouldn't have too many problems finding help. As for the Flash end, look up using the LoadVars() object. That is the object that allows you to send and receive variables from a server-side script (ASP) on a web server. What you are trying to do is a giant undertaking for a beginning, so good luck!!!

03-19-2004, 10:54 AM

Thank you so very much mrand01.

That is really the rub here... I am somewhat familiar with PHP, but since I am looking to have this run on an NT machine figured that ASP was the way I was going to have to go. Any opinions on good sites for ASP?

I knew that this was going to be a major undertaking for me, but what a great way to learn! :)

I have also been looking this product:

It states that with this product it you do not need to use any server-side scripts.

The question is really about wether or not I want to make the investment.

Thanks again for the pointers.

03-19-2004, 11:02 AM
you can't put Flash Studio PRO files on the web tho, they are executable files. All that program does is load flash with a VB backend to take care of all of the basic windows programming tasks that flash doesn't offer. As for PHP and ASP, you can goto www.php.org and download PHP for windows servers. I've done it, it works great, I just like ASP better. If you want to learn ASP, try www.w3schools.org and goto their ASP section, its pretty good.

03-19-2004, 11:08 AM
ahhh I see... Darn... thought I found a shortcut. :)

Once again I tip my hat to you.