View Full Version : HELP!!! making smooth transitions (animation)

08-01-2001, 06:43 PM
ok im going to keep this short i have a swf - remay.swf and in this file i have two other swf - gallery.swf and bookmarks.swf loaded into remay.swf via "target" method...

problem 1
i dont know how to make a smooth transition when you click on "button gallery" to play "movieclip gallery" and at the same time make "movieclip bookmarks" to play something else (in my case fade to alpha 0)..

problem 2:
another problem is that.. say you clicked on "button gallery" to make "movieclip gallery" play.. after when you click on "button gallery" again "movieclip gallery" disappears..

here's the link to my file its kind of big but can i anyone help me out to fix this problem?!?!