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04-09-2004, 01:23 PM
I've got a few datagrids located in an accordian child. This should be possible right?

I can see the datagrids but I can't get them to work. I developed the child in a standalone movie and then copied over into the child form. I am using form screens now to develop the larger application. Everything using "this" so it should still work.

I'm puzzled, any help?

contains the accordian

-filmFilesForm //the child of the accordian contains datagrid: filmFiles_dg

Code on filmFilesForm:


var filmFiles = new Array();
filmFiles.addItem({selected:false, FileName:"Once Upon a Time in Mexico", FileSize:100});
filmFiles.addItem({selected:false, FileName:"Lost In Translation", FileSize:120});
filmFiles.addItem({selected:false, FileName:"The Whole Ten Yards", FileSize:70});
filmFiles.addItem({selected:false, FileName:"Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed", FileSize:130});
filmFiles.addItem({selected:false, FileName:"The Ladykillers", FileSize:100});
filmFiles.addItem({selected:false, FileName:"Jersey Girl", FileSize:60});

this.filmFiles_dg.addColumnAt(0, "selected")
this.filmFiles_dg.getColumnAt(0).cellRenderer = "CheckCellRenderer"; this.filmFiles_dg.addColumnAt(1, "FileName");
this.filmFiles_dg.addColumnAt(2, "FileSize");
this.filmFiles_dg.getColumnAt(0).width = 30;
this.filmFiles_dg.getColumnAt(1).width = 250;
this.filmFiles_dg.getColumnAt(2).width = 50;
//Set Data Providers
this.filmFiles_dg.dataProvider = this.filmFiles;


This works on an empty movies root, just not in the accordian.

Any help is appreciated.

04-12-2004, 12:15 PM
Does anybody know if its even possible to insert a datagrid into an accordian child.

I can't even get simple examples working.

Am I wasting my time?

04-12-2004, 12:49 PM
I should clarify.

I can get a working datagrid in an accordian, but when I try to build the same thing in a forms application I get no love at all.


06-19-2006, 04:17 PM
I have been having the same exact problems with the forms, in fact, its been a bane on my life for the last 12 hours. I keep thinking it has to be an easy solution, can someone please clarify? I'm sure it has to do something with the scope, but I'm beyond frustrated.