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05-03-2004, 08:17 PM
I am trying to use the preloader bar that is included in my Windows version of Macromedia MX 2004. It's named ProgressBar in the components list. I have a flash movie created already but need a preloader bar to show it's loading. I want to include sound to the flash movie I have made so it will load slower than without sound.
I have tried several tutorials and followed the instructions to the last but I get an the same two error messages when I go to play it.
The best tutorial I have found is at http://www.actionscript.org/tutorials/beginner/Smooth_PreLoader/index.html
(This one has instructions for making one from scratch.)
I would just like to learn how to use the progressbar that is already provided in my components if I just could find out how to code it to use as a preloader for my movies.

At the top of the tutorial written by James Drake it says "not working in MX2004" which is what I have. Does anyone have the coding and instructions on making a smooth loading Preloader to use with my movies?
Or even how to use the progressbar (movie clip) already provided in my components.
Thanks ahead of time,
I would appreciate any help anyone might offer. :confused:
Attached is the little progressbar (movie clip) that is in my components folder within my Flash MX 2004. I hope that the progressbar will be viewable when you open the zip folder.

05-04-2004, 09:28 PM
You should use ProgressBar and Loader components together. Problem doing this for a preloader is that components need the AS2 classes which are massive (30K or some sh1t) and not very suitable for a preloader IMHO. I had this idea as well and found that it just did not work very well at all.
If I was going to use that progressbar I would use it later on inside my movie for preloading other clips...

You are better off making your own preloader, there are plenty of threads and people to help with that...

If you still want to use the progressbar and loader components:
Make a new one frame movie. On frame 1 put the loader and the progressbar and follow the help files on how to use the progressbar component in event mode - it's right there in step-by-step format (look up Using the ProgressBar component in Flash's help files). Use this one frame movie to preload your other movie into the loader component.

Hope that helps!