View Full Version : 2 component instances, I want to edit just one

05-04-2004, 07:57 AM
hey guys,

I've got a movie that uses 2 instances of the AVPresence component. I want to edit the script in one of them and leave the other the way it is. The problem is, whatever changes I make to one of them, show up in the other as well.

How can I edit the script in one instance of the component without affecting the other instance?

Is it possible to drag 2 seperate, self-contained AVPresence components to the stage and modify each one seperately?

Thanks very much!


06-25-2004, 03:01 AM
I'd advice you to change as little as possible to the actual components. Of course, some changes are needed sometimes... To add some actionscript, I usually add the required calls to some place, but let them call not the AVPresence itself, but the parent underneath.
For example, in the root of an AVPresence I'd add
this._parent.doWhateverIWant(); to the connect function, if I want AVPresence to do whatever I want while connecting.

If you'd want them to be visually different, you can go through adding the AVPresence to a temp. fla file, renaming the Symbol in the library and then dragging the symbol from your temp. fla's library to your real fla's library. Note that it'd then still use a lot of assets, shared accross all AVPresence's or even other components. Of course you can perform the same trick on them, remember to 'swap' to the correct symbol then.

Hope it helps, .. though your question is already fairly two months old ;).