View Full Version : WHITEBOARD (FCS) in distress

05-18-2004, 05:38 PM

copy and paste this url in your browser to gt an idea what I am talking about!

Please have a look here so that you can get a precise idea what is
happening; May be you can tell me exactly WHY does this occur?

Open two separate windows in your browser and see what happens
when you draw a line with either tool in your window and check into
the other window as well.

1) when you draw with the pencil, in your window it is fine, but you
do get a line across from origin into the other window of the

2) When you draw with the pen tool first and thne with teh pencil
tool. In your window, it appears fine but you can still see the line
across from origin in the other window.

3) When you select the pencil tool first, and then take the pen tool,
you get the extra line from origin, in addition to the another straight
line joining the origin to where the pencil line ends.

Please clarify, if possible. This is depressing enough.