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06-07-2004, 10:27 AM
I have Flash MX Professional 2004 with Flash Remoting Components Installed on my machine. I am trying to experiment the compatibility of Flash in a J2EE weblogic environment. I am using the Buisness Delegate Pattern. I am stuck at the point where I am trying to access a application specific java object passed from the delegate.

//My Buisness Delegate
public ASObject getAFValue(String argFSystemNumber) throws Exception
//get the airframeFleetSession object
AFSession aFSession = getAFSessionObject();
//get the primary key
AFVersionPK primaryKey = new AFVersionPK(
new Long(argFSystemNumber));

AFValue aFValue = aFSession .getAFKey(primaryKey);
ASObject aso = new ASObject("AFValue");
aso.put("aFValue",aFValue );
return aso;
//this did not work
//return (ASObject) new ASTranslator().toActionScript(airframeFleetValues) ;
public final class AFValue implements Serializable
private Long fleetSystemNumber;
private String fleetTypeCd;
private Long fleetPrnSysNumber;
private String fleetCgyCd;

//my Action Script
function getAFValue_Result(result)
output_txt.text = result.aFValue.fleetCgyCd; //returns "undefined"

I am facing these problems specific to custom objects. If I pass a String value it works fine. I am not sure if I need to modify any configuration files or something like that.