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07-12-2004, 12:52 PM
Hi Everyone

I have a very complicate problem. I'm using Flash MX 2004 and install every ugrade they have. Also I use Macromedia Communication Server (moustly of my app. is with video and audio). The problem apears when I put "window" component on the stage, and when pubilsh for html, in IE6 all push buttons are not showed, somethimes video isn't show and simular to that. The confusion part is when I start html with mozilla EVERYTHING work perfectly good(with Netscape work great too). Also when I start only swf file(with flash player 7 stand alone), it works great. The problem appears when I start from IE6. I try on other machine with IE6, but still nothing.
This also apears with other my app, when I put some communication component on the stage (not all the time, but somethims that apear). The most strange thing is that I have the same code in other apps. and they work great, and the problems apears randomly in my application. :))))
I try with new instalation for Flash MX2004, also I try on other machine to publish that, but is the same.
I have the flash player 7 install, and install the upgrade for flashplayer 7 for Flash MX 2004.

Please, if someone have the same problems (or simular to that), please, post the error, maybe we will find some solution together.

Thank you very much for your time.

Best Regards
Pero Gjuzelov