View Full Version : Questions about audio recording and QT video

07-19-2004, 01:04 PM
I am in the planning stages of a project that will contain QuickTime videos and utilize voice recording. Because of these two features, the client has recommended that the project be built in Director. They believe that the playback of QucikTime movies thought Flash is buggy (because they are converted to Falsh movies). They are also under the impression audio recording can not be accomplished through Flash. I believe I have read that audio recording only works through Director on Macs and can be accomplished through the Flash Communication Server. So here are my questions:

Can Flash Communication Server features work for client/server non-web applications?

Can anyone provide any info on audio recording through Flash vs. Director?

Will Flash Communication Server affect way QuickTime movies are loaded?

Can anyone provide any info on QuickTime videos in Flash vs Director?