View Full Version : Fullscreen F5 .exe comes up in window before going fullscreen

02-19-2001, 04:08 PM
I'm working in Flash 4 on a PC, PIII, but outsourced some work to a
Flash 5 developer. The project was for a tradeshow not the web.

2 files were published or created as .exe(s)using the Flash 4 player and ran fine but the 4 Flash 5 .exe(s) came up in a window for a split second and then went full screen.

The FSCommand "fullscreen" "true" was used in all files to run full screen.

We tried several things to prevent the window from coming up but to no avail.

We put the ActionScript on top layer and selected top load

We put the script in the first frame with nothing else playing in frame 1.

There are no movie clips in one of the Flash 5 files we tested.

We tried making the movie size the same size as the screen.

So I worked around it by playing the Flash 5 .swf files with my Flash 4 player and then made the .exe(s) which worked.

I was able to work around it this time but why is the window coming up at all?

I've posted the same message on Free Agent and had our developer call Macromedia with no final answer from them.