View Full Version : need a flash site? $250/project and payment on completion. :)

09-11-2001, 07:27 PM
Hi. My name is JJ Limoanco
I'm a web designer from the Philippines.

Anyhow, I'm just decided to become a freelancer for a while before going back to corporate work - or if being a freelancer suits me, then I stay as is. :)

I design complete flash sites with an emphasis on Navigation and download time. The typical flash sites I've made are around 50k to 75k.

Having made a study around the Internet, I've seen the usual rates people charge and have finally concluded that I charge a little lower than the usual. So I guess that would be to your advantage.

My pitch :
I work for only 250 dollars / project - I can do small to medium projects and I don't handle e-commerce sites and portals [time-consuming and very frustrating if solo]. Limited e-commerce stuff such as Revecom.com et al , I can handle - as long as you give me proper instructions on how we are suppose to handle this.

I make flash sites, but also willing to make static websites. Here's a partial list of the websites I've designed in the past:

Flash sites:
KGM Technologies [http://www.kgmtechnologies.com]
EqualHost [http://www.equalhost.com]
WebDefinity [not used though:(][http://www.webdefinity.com/flash/]
Jpasser Online [http://www.jpasser.com]
iCS [http://www.icomputerservices.com]
Pro-Tune [http://www.protune.co.uk]

HTML sites:
Intex Telecom Systems [http://www.intextelecom.com]
Intex Marketing and Dev't [http://www.intexmarketing.com]
Wireless Technical Services Asia [http://www.wtsasia.com]

Typical delivery time is all relative - a weekly update [or daily] is made so that you can see how far the website is in. As long as I get the complete content from you, then we should have no problem.

Payment is made to a partner of mine in Canada in the form of either checks, or Paypal. Payment is also made upon the delivery of the website - if you're happy with it, then the project is considered finished.

I also make special arrangements with hosts who need to outsource web designers.

Anyhow, sorry for the lenghthy post, I hope everyone understands what I was trying to say. :)