View Full Version : Flash Popup Programme Question

09-15-2004, 01:01 PM
okay...from the top

I have designed a Flash item that I want to run as a popup menu. I need this flashfile/menu to run with a transparent background and to be able to be moved around/closed with the mouse on top of any existing programmes they have open(I have already made these properties active in actionscript) what I need is a method to launch it. Any Suggestions?

Liken the idea to something like Mediaplayer with the skin applied.

On the other note I have tried having it pop up in a I.E. browser with the transparency command which is great but for some reason it 'goes under' the other flash animations that i have on the page, even if the layer is on the top that i embed my popup to in dreamweaver. Is there a command or script that i need to add to make it go on the top layer in IE.