View Full Version : Flash Streaming Radio

10-17-2004, 08:30 AM
Hi everyone..im interested in creating a streaming radio station on my current server using flash.How i wanted to idea to work was have the streaming audio((mp3 and microphone)) go to my server then play through the website.Also have the option for other DJs to log in and do the same.Ive read through the tutorials on the macromedia site about mp3 streaming using flash comm,((and ive nearly created one yay lol)) but im not sure if i can do what i want.Like for instance would the other DJs need flash remote etc installed for the server to access their mp3 database((done in microsoft access like the tutorial)).Im pretty sure I can do it some way ((maybe and easier way)) just i thought i would ask for some advice,or any ideas how i can create this.Thanx People..