View Full Version : Weird error in Netdebugger while sharing Connection

10-20-2004, 06:38 PM
I am using Flash Player 7, AS 2.0 Remoting Components and AMFPHP.

My situation is, I am sharing a Service object connection like so:

var doGetService:Service = new Service("http://mydomain.com/ui_test/gateway.php", null, "RemotingService", null, new RelayResponder(this, "doGet_Result", "doGet_Fault"));

//share connection from doGetService service
var doSetService:Service = new Service(null, null, "RemotingService", doGetService.connection, new RelayResponder(this, "doSet_Result", "doSet_Fault"));

It works fine BUT...the Netdebugger is scaring me with the following error/warning:

number: 4
severity: "warning"
Trace: "createGatewayConnection - gatewayUrl is invalid"
who: "NetServices"

But even with this error things are working fine in the client swf and the output in the NetDebugger is displaying what I want to see. So I am guessing since the severity is "warning" then it really isn't that bad....but that is why I want to confirm with you geniuses out there what you thought.

BTW, If I comment out the doGetService service I do not get this error.

Does anyone out there know if this is bad, good, doesn't matter...or what?