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Metrov 8
12-17-2000, 01:33 PM
[Hi, Jesse. I sent you an email, then realized I should have just posted my question here].

I'm trying to use the Circle Collision movie [as posted in your tutorial section] in one of my Flash projects. I am doing the following:

1 -- I have my .fla open in Flash

2 -- I 'Open as Library' your Circle Collision movie

3 -- I drag Five instances of the 'circle' movie onto my main timeline.

4 -- I've given each instance of the circle an instance name, i.e. #1-5.

4 -- Then I use 'copy frames' to insert the main timeline code into the first frame of my movie.

I test movie, and it doesn't work. The circles do not move. I've checked all the scripting over and over and everything seems to be exactly the same as your original .fla.

Can you please give me some things to check.

Also, How do I get rid of the Numbers on each ball?

Thank you very much, Metrov

12-17-2000, 02:17 PM
In the movieclip from the circle is a variable textfiled , this field contians the number so remove the field and the numbewr shall be gone !!

Metrov 8
12-18-2000, 06:17 PM
Being a beginner at AS, I am still an idiot about these things.

I have tried to remove and/or modify the following bits of code [as per you instructions] in order to remove the 'numbers' 1-5:

Line 57: n=1

Line 85: n=Number(n)=1

Neither of these attempts worked. Everything I've tried causes the movie elements [i.e. circles] to stop moving. Any further, or more detailed advice on how to remove the numbers would be very much appreciated.

Thank you, Metrov

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