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11-19-2004, 10:56 AM
Hello everyone,

I work currently on the development of a tchat or the customers are represented by avatar which can move and conversation between them.

I have a problem of organization of the code.
Thus my question is : "where and how storing my data"

When a customer connects himself it chooses a avatar, until there ok. Now I would like that each new customer who connects send to the server his position, his skin (avatar) and his name. Once that makes the server send to all customers the information of the new user.

I stored all in SharedObect with properties username, userSkin, userX, userY.

But I do not find simple to reach his properties.
I thought of making a SO by customer who connects himself, with all the infos of the user in the SO. But I acknowledge not to know if it is recommended or not.

I have more problem of organization and structure. Could you deliver your opinions, councils and techniques to me to solve this kind of thing.

Thank you in advance, and big sorry for my bad english

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