View Full Version : attachMovie and scrollPane ... pretty close?

12-01-2004, 04:22 PM

I am loading movies into my "configMC" clip based on a checkbox a user has chosen. A scrollPane is needed to accommodate more than one selection. This clip has a linkage identifier of "configResult". So I write:

configResult.attachMovie("MC linkage", "MC alias", 1).

I can't get my scrollPane to read "configResult" in the contentPath I've assigned, which is:


If I test with other MC linkages, it shows up. Can I not attachMovies into the empty "configMC" and have it show up in the scrollPane(mainScroll)?

:o ;)

12-01-2004, 05:20 PM
Nevermind :)

I was making it harder than it was. I just put all the attachMovie code into the configMC and called on the _root.cookie I had set up.