View Full Version : Dynamic Text in Scrolling/Sliding Navigation

12-20-2004, 07:41 PM

preface: there are some amazing programmers up here...i have much to learn!!!

i've got a site with a sliding navigation setup. i put it together so long ago, i honestly don't even remember where the model/source came from. now i'm finally getting some content together to finalize it, and i'm finding some issues with dynamic text. if i leave the text static in an mc and use the scrollpane component to view it, it works, but makes everything very very slow - including sliding, scrolling, & background animation. i'd like to just use dynamic text and a scrollbar component, but the dynamic text somehow conflicts with the sliding navigation, and shows up empty.

this is a call to any actionscript gurus - if anyone knows a better way, please let me know. i'm willing to rebuild the sliding aspect of it in a whole new file if need be, copying all my individual menu mc's. i posted a page with the swf's: main_Menu_2.swf (with "the difference" at top) shows the speed difference between the 2 methods - dynamic text is obviously much much better. main.swf (with "what's new" at top) shows how it (doesn't) work once it's in place with the sliding navigation. i can also post the fla file if anyone wants to help me out...THANKS!!