View Full Version : flash remoting calling CF components

12-27-2004, 02:39 PM

i've got a flash application that uses remoting to make calls to a cf component (which then flushes data to a database). everything works great. the database returns a value of "1" which means that data is being flushed to it.

i use an xml file to build the path to my cf component a la:

<server type="tracking" address="www.mydomain.com" port="80" appname="flashservices/gateway" service="components.analytics.tracker" />

but as soon as i want to switch it to another server, it breaks, ie:

<server type="tracking" address="www.mydomain.com" port="8500" appname="flashservices/gateway" service="components.analytics.tracker" />

notice that i now use port 8500 instead of 80. this is because the server is CF on my local machine.

anyone know where i could start debugging this?

thanks. fumeng.