View Full Version : Creating Quiz using Learning Interactions

01-19-2005, 04:41 PM
Ok, I'm using MX 2004 Pro v.7.2.
I'm creating a 10 question quiz using the template supplied with flash (yes, it has to talk to an LMS, etc). (quiz consists of 1 drag drop, 1 true/false, 8 mulitple choice)

Now, I follow the limited instructions in help and in macromedia's guide for the learning interactions. I can't get the thing to work consistently. I run the .swf and it's 50-50 chance whether or not when I click on the next button on the welcome screen that it'll advance to the first question or just hang up at the welcome screen. However, once it passes the welcome screen, it's all smooth sailing...

I'm hoping that one of you guys out there have been down this road already and hopefully have discovered a work around or a flaw in the described process of creating this supplied by Macromedia. I

I'm open to any suggestions.