View Full Version : Dynamic text shows up on PC... but not on web after uploading to server

01-27-2005, 04:21 PM
Hi all,

Here's the problem I'm having. I have two dynamic text boxes in my SWF... one with a variable name of "title" and the other with a var of "body". The action in my Frame 1 says:


Inside about_us.txt, it begins:

title=About Our Company...

&body=<font color="#B8722D"><a href="staff.shtml"><b><u>Meet Our Staff</u></b></a></font> / <font color="#B8722D"><a href="location_map.shtml"><b><u>Location and Map</u></b></a></font>

<img src="map.jpg">

... etc with more text and HTML formatting.

On my PC, everything shows up (though with some image and scrollbar problems... but that's for another thread (http://www.actionscript.org/forums/showthread.php3?p=307628) ;)). But once I upload to a server, things seem to randomly break. On one server, only the title showed up, with no body text whatsoever. After trying to use about_us.HTM instead of .TXT, nothing would show up.

However, on another test server, the title and body all showed up, but there was no image (where img src="map.jpg" should be). After refreshing a few times and adjusting some line breaks (I think that's all I did), the image showed up again.... but, of course, only on this test server and not on the real server.

Does anyone know what the issue could be? Why won't this stuff show up correctly online? Thanks much! :)

01-27-2005, 11:37 PM
one thing it could be, you have to make sure you checked "embed fonts" on your fla file... if you select your dynamic textbox, in the properties panel you have that option, then you will have to select the ranges you want to embed (do all numbers and characters)...
see if that helps..