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01-28-2005, 10:34 AM

I'm looking forward how to create multilanguage flash webs, and using the string panel seems a good way for the texts. The problem i'm having is how to create and use it with buttons: Is it possible with the string panel or it only works with dynamic texts?

thanks in advance, this forum is great for starters like me in flash and actionscript!
Best regards from Catalonia!

02-01-2005, 09:36 PM

one thing you might want to do for your buttons:

inside your button, make a movieClip out of the text only. inside this clip you will have an action on the first frame that says:


on each frame in this movieclip is your texts with different languages. create a label on each frame with the language reference, for example 'en' would be english, 'es' for spanish, etc. Then when you load your movies you just set the variable 'lang' = whatever language the user wants to see the movie in.

This works for simple uses. However, I have been using this method and am looking for something better, because as we keep adding translations our games become too large, with outlines to keep design consistent on each translated text sometimes... the file size gets too big.

So now my question... hopefully someone has dealt with a large-scale multi-language solution in Flash and has some ideas about how to deliver this. I was thinking about creating a base movie, one that has all the backgrounds for movieclips and buttons, and making this a guide layer, because you have to make sure the graphics fit in with the background, or just fit period, but you don't want to export the extra graphics as they're already in the game. Then the movieClips would just need to be named correctly and the flash movie downloads this 'language pack' movie that has all the ML (multilang) MC's in that specific language. Then every time you translate into a new language, you just create a new 'language pack file'. Its extra work at first... sometimes quite a bit really, but would end up simplifying the translation process in the future.

Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

02-02-2005, 04:55 PM
Hi blatant1,

First of all thanks for your reply.

I've spend a few time trying different ways to create multilanguage flash webs and finally decided not to use the string panel. The idea is great, but its absolutelly useless if it cannot directly translate buttons and other texts in different components.

Finally i've decided to create external xml files(texts_en.xml, texts_ca, ...) that will be stored together with the SWF files. After loading the apropiate xml file you need to manually change the text of each element/component that requires multilanguage using actionscript.

If you hadn't used it before, notice the XML class in actionscript (flash mx 2004).

Additionaly, using this solution you don't need to republish the movie everytime you need to change a text or add a new language.

Hope it helps! If you missunderstand something in this explanation don't shame to ask.