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11-03-2001, 01:19 PM
I am a beginner at actionscripting and I have a few questions. First off I am confused at how to design nice looking interfaces using flash. Secondly, I was trying to do a tutorial on here called duplicate movieclips and I am confused by the tutorial and don't think they explained it enough. I made a movieclip but I was confused on whether I duplicate it or the code does that. I made a button and wrote the code in but I kept getting errors in the output box. I wanted to make my first scene similar to the tutorial where you have a bunch of animated clips moving across the screen in different directions and different colors. But I didn't won't to have to click on a button to start it I wanted it to start when the movie starts. A third question I had is that I wanted to change the color of some of my movie clips by using actionscript but I don't know the code for each color. None of the books I have says anything about it. Could someone please help.

11-03-2001, 01:50 PM

How to design nice interfaces? That's more than anyone can tell you. It's exactly the same as any kind of design work. Unless you're a natural you start off producing rubbish, then after a couple of months you reach half decent. Then you spend the rest of your life getting better, and one day you're good. The best advice is to look at lots and lots of other peoples work. Over time you'll not only be able to decide what you like, and don't but what the reason is for this, providing you with your own design philosophy. But there aren't any short cuts. A good place to start would be Macromedia's showcase section at macromedia.com .

Duplicating Movieclips? The code does it. Well you tell the code to. Saves on file sizes general hassle, and allows you to add other elements like random positioning etc.

Errors on button? You most likely placed the code on the frame that contained the button (there'll be a small 'a' in the frame on the timeline graph at the top of the flash window. Otherwise you used the wrong syntax.

not starting on button but on load? Put it all in a movieclip and use:


Codes for colours? If you have photoshop it will tell you in the 'picker section' otherwise Flash can tell you if you want to pick from the colour palette. Or, try a search on your favourite engine for 'hexidecimal color codes'


p.s. Look at the book section of this site and buy something that's either comprehensive or beginner to intermediate. It'll help, really it will. Once you begin to understand how to construct a flash movie properly, most of these questions will dissappear into the distant past.:)