View Full Version : passing args with fscommand exec

11-06-2001, 03:54 PM
I'm using a Flash projector to do some stuffs and then write xml or html formatted text to local files. This works fine using:

fscommand("save", "<filename>")

except that it also writes a bunch of garbage to the beginning and end of the file. ex:

&constructor=[type Function]&__proto__=[object Object]&xmlDoc=<then a bunch of valid xml - then at the end>&n=null

which is ok, i guess, because I've written a c executable that parses the file and strips off the garbage.

But I have a feeling I can pass the text that I want to save as an arg to a c executable which then writes the arg (as text) to my local file. Something like:

fscommand("exec", "<filename>/<arg>")

where '<arg>' is actually a variable in Flash. But I'm not having any luck.

Any help?

- Nick