View Full Version : MediaPlayBack component issues

02-21-2005, 10:15 PM
I've posted this question to several lists without a response. I'm going to post them here but I also want to see any other issues people are having with this component.

The way I'm using the component is to instantiate it at runtime using createClassObject(). Once I have a handle to the object I set some properties such as stream name/path.


1. After the FLV starts playing, if I hit the rewind button, the play/pause button and the rewind/forward buttons jump up about 3 pixels and stay there.

2. I'm trying to get some data (preferred height and width) out of the FLV before I start streaming it, I do this by playing it invisibly for a couple of seconds and then going back and playing it from the beginning after retrieving the data. Is there a better way to get at this information?

3. Is there a way to set a buffer time with this component?

4. If I open the player locally and switch the stream (using setMedia()) from a FLV on FCS to a local FLV, the component breaks and doesn't play anything. But going from a local FLV to an FLV on FCS works just fine.

Any feedback is much appreciated.