View Full Version : Multiplayer Use via Array or SharedObjects

03-16-2005, 01:58 AM
Re-edited post to make more sense.

I am trying to create a avatar system via Communication server and I figured that I can create SharedObjects to control and update all the clients screens. I know Communication server may not be the best route for this but I have to use this software to do it.

1. Can a SharedObject on the serverside have multiple depths such as:
(SharedObject is the actual objects name and the users are properties of the object)
SharedObject.user1.X = 40;
SharedObject.user2.Y = 340;

or am I goin got have to do something like

SharedObject.user1 = "x:30 y:400";

2. Or should I make each user a seperate SharedObject that is created and deleted on connection and disconnection.
such as:

SharedObject = user1 with the properties of x and y like user1.x user1.y
SharedObject = user2

But is there a way to find out how many actual Shared Objects are currenty active; and being able to for loop them to create the client side movieclips and syncing them.


Any ideas will help since I am currently stuck on it and i have to figure out t-minus 1 week. Or if different routes I should look into...

Project Goal:

To have each client's SWF create a avatar(movieclip) that they can move.
Updates all active users with new players and leaving players (adding and removing shared movieclips).
Updating the newClient with all current users movieclips and positions.