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11-15-2001, 05:54 PM
heres what i want to do:

i want to create 4 windows so that when you press on each window's button it comes to the top in the way that browser windows do when you have several open at once. the one that comes to the top pushes all other windows down one level. its not the same as swapping depths because if you happen to click on the lowest level window to bring it to the top I DONT WANT THE LEVEL THAT WAS PREVIOUSLY ON TOP TO SWAP TO THE LOWEST LEVEL. I WANT IT AND ALL OTHER WINDOWS BELOW IT TO BE PUSHED ONE LEVEL DOWN.

i have 4 windows all draggable: A, B, C, & D
they all reside on level0

i want the window that's being dragged to come to the top.
the problem is that originally A, B, C, & D are all siting on the same level and whenever they are all on that level they preserve their original layer order. this is what happens:

when i drag window C for example it comes to the top, but as soon as i drag B for example C returns to Level 0 and assumes its original layer order after A. what I want is for C to become the second window after B.

I would be eternally gratefull if you could help. -deroy-:confused:

dj fuzzline
11-16-2001, 06:41 PM
Yeah, I had this problem to. If you go here (http://www.ultrashock.com/flas/Detailed/36.html) they have a .FLA file that does what you ask. It is not solely for showing this action, but uses it. It also does not have tutorial, only the download. So you'll have to pick through the actionscript to find what you want.

(drag the coloured boxes if you don't know what to do)

11-16-2001, 09:16 PM
thanks, actually someone (jesse) directed me here http://www.actionscripts.org/showMovie.php?id=27
where there is an excellent example. for future reference. my problems have vanished for today. -d-