View Full Version : Where is NetStream???

03-26-2005, 11:04 AM
I have some Actionscript that is interesting.

I have use some time now MediaDisplay but I can't find NetStream?

Is that some Components or is that script?

When I use MediaDisplay I just but that in my flash and then start to create some code but I can't find NetStream

Maybe sound crazy for you but for me that is :confused:

03-26-2005, 01:34 PM
have a look in the Actionscript dictionary in the help files. Its is not a MovieClipNetStream class
Flash Player 7.

Note: This class is also supported in Flash Player 6 when used with Flash Communication Server. For more information, see the Flash Communication Server documentation.

The NetStream class provides methods and properties for playing Flash Video (FLV) files from the local file system or an HTTP address. You use a NetStream object to stream video through a NetConnection object. Playing external FLV files provides several advantages over embedding video in a Flash document, such as better performance and memory management, and independent video and Flash frame rates. This class provides a number of methods and properties you can use to track the progress of the file as it loads and plays, and to give the user control over playback (stopping, pausing, and so on).

For more information on video playback, see "Playing back external FLV files dynamically" in Using ActionScript in Flash.