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03-28-2005, 05:17 PM
I'm having some basic trouble getting an XML filtered through a DataSet from an XML Component.
I've rummage through several posts and decided that I'm missing some basic knowledge :

I've dropped the function code onto the main screen:

this.myDataSet_ds.filtered = true;
this.myDataSet_ds.filterFunc = function(itembject) {
// filter out record cdafr22d
return(item.count != "cdafr22d");

The XML data is pretty straight forward:

<file name="DFID">
<description>OTHER GLOBAL ISSUES</description></file>

<file name="Guatemala ">
<description>OTHER GLOBAL ISSUES</description></file>

I've set up the data trigger from a simple button to a data grid, a la the Component Wizard, and that all works, but no filter.
Simple, or simply not possible?