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03-30-2005, 01:17 AM
I'm looking for flash specialist who could work with me as the project lead, 3d artists and server backend programmer to develop flash based games.
For first job, we need an flash startup GUI and 3 simple casino games developed, then move on with same team. We've been working as a MSN based telecommuting team for some time now, but our flash guy went off to white horses and pretty ladies. Now we need replacement. An experience with games and backend relations in flash would be a big plus, also general actionscripting and ability to find help if needed. Pay is per-project based. Not for people already too busy (I would ask possibly around max 10 hours per week of sacrifice), and for people approaching midlife crisis too soon (we are used to fun). Post your portfolios, pet photos and kindergarten drawings to i_l_m_a_r_(_a_t_)_n_a_f_t_a_._e_e