View Full Version : Preloading External Videos

03-30-2005, 07:23 PM
I had a question about preloading a flash movie. I've been searching through
tutorials for what seems like forever and I finally decided to ask for some help.

A little background on the project would probablly help so here goes: I had
a large flash movie that communicates with C# which tells the large swf when to run. This large swf was huge and took forever to edit things so I broke down the movie into smaller swfs using LoadMovieNum().

Now that this works, I realized that the movie seems to be loading on the
fly meaning that when each individual movie is called to run, it's loading at runtime so the transitions are not smooth and there is a blank frame that appears when the movie is called.

Ive used the resource at actionscript.org...specifically the one at:

What I am a bit confused about is as follows...
I want all of my movies to load onto the buffer so that when they are
called, they can run without much processing time. From my understanding of your tutorial, is that you are loading each movie seperatley before they start playing one at a time. What I want is for all of them to be preloaded
without preloading them when I call them.

I've been struggling for a while and I am pretty new with flash
which makes solving this problem a bit difficult. I appreciate any help.