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03-31-2005, 03:35 AM
as requested by somebody else on another forum, here's a program which will fuse two different SWFs together into an EXE file, and the second SWF will play right after the first. there's no need to do anything, just choose two sources and choose an output dirrectory, and that's it!

here's some directions, as the program has none:
1. open the file SWFfuser.exe
2. if you don't have it already, you will need the VB40032.dll (you can find it from google)
3. click on "Source 1" input
4. select source 1 path
5. click on "Source 2" input
6. select source 2 path
7. click on "output" input ( :rolleyes: )
8. select an output path
9. click the button "Fuse"
10. VERY IMPORTANT...don't press CTRL ALT DEL or think the computer is frozen...it is simply working on the fusing while the computer looks frozen

and that's it...wow, it's only 10 steps

some general stuff:
-both inputs have to be on the same dir, and the output has to be on the same dir as the inputs
-use winzip to unzip the ZIP folder to get the EXE file
-this is just a stripped down fuser...if anyone wants to make a nicer interface, be my guest, and i'll add it here as a "skin"
-approx 2 min per 2 SWFs (i know its long, i'm working on the time)
-approx 3.3 hours for 100 SWF outputs
-redistribute at your own free will, ask me for source code. i hate people who wont give out code for something useful

anyother questions, comments, problems, etc., leave something here

ZIP>> http://www.geocities.com/ezupload04/SWFfuser.zip

:) ENJOY! :)

03-31-2005, 11:46 PM
Please leave your comments and questions about this program. Please test it, because I have only tested it a few times on my winxp home system. Tell me how it works. Thanks.