View Full Version : drag and drop using Flash's interaction

04-04-2005, 03:25 AM
I am new to the forums and need desperate help for a deadline.
I created a drag and drop by modifying the standard Drag and Drop interaction found in the Development Panel/Component Inspector. Currently each item sticks where it is placed and when the learner clicks "check answers" they have the ability to "reset" and try again if the answer is wrong.

Everything is working except now my boss wants the draggable items to snap back to their original place if not put in the correct position (By tomorrow). The learner then continues to move the items around until they are all stuck in the correct position. When the items are all in correct position, the feedback is supposed to come up to tell them they did well.

I have the feedback working when they click "check answer".

Two questions:
1. How to adapt the Flash Drag and Drop to snap back to start if the answer is incorrect.
2. Also How to get the feedback to come up after they are all stuck. I can work around this one if I have to.

Alternately, I also created a drag and drop from scratch several years ago. It snaps back, but I was never able to get it to wait until all questions were answered before offering feedback. I can use that one if I can get help with the feedback message waiting until all four questions are answered.

I owe you all big time - thanks in advance for any assistance!!