View Full Version : CF6.1 to CF7 ... second remoting query fails

04-07-2005, 07:31 PM

We are developing a Rich Internet App - http://www.lets-eat.co.nz

Our current working setup in on a shared server running CF6.1 and IIS.

We are testing CF7 running under Apache2 all on a WindowsXP Professional machine (we're going to a dedicated server).

We have a problem when one first opens the browser, that on the initial (or second) database call, the query always fails. If you refresh the page, or in Firefox, close the tab, then open the page again. It all works.

The query fails - nothing gets to the database. The database side of the application is locked up.

In the Flash IDE I get this (on first compile ):

Error opening URL "http://www.lets-eat.co.nz/flashservices/gateway;jsessionid=3c3067ac01bc$BDW0f$1"

then if I compile again, it works.


CF6.1 + IIS - this works (ie everything)
CF7 + JRUN - this works (ie everything)
CF7 + Apache - this doesn't work
CF7 + IIS - this doesn't work

So this feels like CF not knowing the correct session initially, and it has to create the correct session. Then when it creates the session, and the session is still alive, everything works.

I've tried most of the session settings in CF7 admin ie Enable Session variables etc... everything is currently set to default. Nothing I changed make any difference.

Can't find any errors in CF logs, nor Database logs.

Any suggesions?


Dave. :cool:

04-08-2005, 10:53 PM