View Full Version : My sound breaks up HELP!!!

03-01-2001, 06:37 AM
Okay so heres my problem:

In flash 5 i have made a site wich i would like to add sound to. Now when i add the sound it sounds fine in flash but when ever i publish it the sound will "crackel" when veiwed though a browser (both ei and netscape) so i tryed to change the compession settings and i even went so far as to output it in RAW format with the same results. To make the sounds i used sound forge and i have since deleated and remade the sounds at different sampling rates to no effect the formats i have tryed are .mp3 .raw and .wav . Also note that whaterver whatever compression settings i use the crackling occurs in the same place. im begining to wonder if it maybe just my computers sound card but with ever other program i try INCLUDING flash the sounds sound fine. I have had a friend who had a similar problem w/ flash 4 but he was running on a p 200 mmx and im using a p2 350. any clue? oh i havent tested it out on other computers so i guess that i could be just mine. but it seems weird that the only time they break up is in the browsers not anything else. also i have the latest version on the pluggin for both ei and netscape. so. HELP! im out of ideas.

03-01-2001, 09:09 AM
Never heard of such an error but it sounds pretty inconsistant. How about making a FLash file with just the sound and seeing if it still happens? If it does, put a sample online so we can check it out...



03-01-2001, 01:32 PM
Can you please post a source code to take a look
i had the same problem ones
i just had my sound in MC which had a shorter timeline than a sound, and MC was looping