View Full Version : Hybrid Disc = Impossible

04-10-2005, 07:26 PM
It seems like a hybrid disc is impossible. I have to projecters that need to pull from the same swf files. The pc version works. I have created a ISO9660 and mac disc.

I dont know if I need an autostart file for the mac part though. I have been through the tutorials but they are no real help.

I also have been using Roxio Toast Titanium to burn

Does any one have suggestions for an autostart for mac

04-10-2005, 08:12 PM
Mac OS doesn't use conventional autorun.inf for autoplay clips (like Windows), but instead it uses special structure of the CD to initiate autoplay. You need to burn your CD on Mac and enable in config autorun of some file, or use some of Windows ISO creators that enables building ISO files with Mac autorun directives...

Rest is quite simple - you build .exe (Windows) and .hqx (Mac) versions of the player with some simple .swf file that would load the rest of the shared data. You also build an autorun.inf for Windows autoplay system, and burn everything.

If I need to build a cross-platform (well, Mac/Windows) CD, it usually have structure like:

|- content
| |- data
| | |- assets
| | | |- <external clips>
| | |- config
| | | |- <config_files>
| | |- main.swf
| |- fscommand
| | |- <possible extensions>
| |- run.exe
| |- run.hqx
|- autorun.inf
|- autorun.ico

run.exe and run.hqx contains same, almost-blank .swf file - it contains only "loadMovieNum('data/main.swf', 0);" directive - main.swf does rest of the loading (config and other .swf files in ./assets subdirectory).

autorun.inf file contains typical autorun config for Windows, while run.hqx autoruns from the CD's structure (I explained above)...

Hope it helps...