View Full Version : How are "simultaneous connections" counted?

04-14-2005, 07:28 PM
I'm looking at purchasing Flash Com Server and have a question about how the simulateous connections work.

Is it per client? That is - if I have 2 separate apps that connect to my database, would that count as 2 connections? Or would it only count as one since it's all comming from me? Is it possible to "share" a connection between mulitple apps? I'm just trying to figure out how many licenses to buy.


04-14-2005, 08:00 PM
Any time a NetConnection is established to the server, a connection is used. Lets say you have 4 clients and a server. The 4 clients would connect, and that would be it, 4 connections are now being used. If you establed multiple NetConnections within 1 swf, say...3 connections in 1 swf, you will be using 3 connections. Pretty simple if you ask me...although I don't like how the license is limited in this way. It should really just be a Per-CPU license like Remoting or any other server-side product...but oh well