View Full Version : Progess Bar not working

04-20-2005, 03:24 PM
Thanks for any insite. (My skill level is intermediate.)

on my site I have 3 levels of flash files...and 1- opening animation loads the main file, which in turn loads the sections of the site if users proceed. In order to have an opening animation I set up an fla which uses the loader component and progress to load the main file. When I do this for whatever reason the progressbars in the main file do not work. See here.
http://www.redpegmarketing.com/ if you click on expertise the progressbar stays. I am using the on (complete) handler and I also put a line of code in the loaded file to erase the progress bar, which used to work, but no longer does.

I tried inserting the animation into the main file (so there would only be 2 levels) and pushing the components to load on frame 3 instead of 1 but I get this...
http://www.redpegmarketing.com/red_peg_05_04_d.html wierd boxes where the components should be.

I hope there is a simple solution this this?

Can you assign levels using the loader component the same way you can with loadMovieNum? uggggggggghhh confused.