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03-01-2001, 09:10 PM
if my site is mostly layers, will they still obey a table's rules as far as it's percentage?

03-01-2001, 09:26 PM
i'm writing my detection pages and need them to work like so...(i think)

when the intro movie is posted, the first page anyone will see will be flash detection and they will have a manual choice of BANDWIDTH...then...

screen resolution (800x600, 1024x768)...and

browser type (ie4+, netscape4+)...

what i would like to know is can the resolution and browser types reside on the same page, or will they need to be two seperate pages?


03-01-2001, 11:39 PM
<div id="Layer1" style="position:absolute; left:195px; top:124px; width:50%; height:116px; z-index:1; background-color: #00CCFF; layer-background-color: #00CCFF; border: 1px none #000000"></div>

I'm using width:50% and it works(still obey a table's rules )

2)(800x600, 1024x768)...
You can use both ways
you may have 2 pages or you can use javascript to resize the same window

03-02-2001, 01:21 AM
wonderful, thx strok!

i'm playing with that now...

03-02-2001, 01:33 AM

do you have an example of the script your talking about for resizing the page (i guess by percentage values)...

my previous question was to try and make the page autoresize by the table's 100% value instead of static pixel sizes... i didn't really get that to work so i'm still kinda stuck...

if you could, post an example of the script or a link to a tut...


03-02-2001, 02:39 AM
if your server supports a php, i can give u a very good script