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Paul Ferrie
05-18-2005, 02:44 PM
Afternoon guys,
I am finally getting round to sorting out all my db admin for my website.
One of the tables on the database is users that have registered.
This all fine

The problem is within the admin area...

When i am loading the list of members into the admin at present i use pagelimit to limit the number of users to be loaded at any one time. At present the default is 10, this is fine. I have the option to increase the number of users displayed per page. When i set the limit to say 20 there seems to be a "lagging" effect happening. The loader records that the data has successfully loaded but takes approx 5 sec's before it moves onto the next frame to populate data with mcholders.
This only happens when the pagelimit is increased 20 plus.

Here is what php is doing

for ($count = 0; $count < $userCount; $count++) {
$idUsers = mysql_fetch_array($result);
$userID = $idUsers['userID'];
$userName = $idUsers['userName'];
$userLocate = $idUsers['userLocate'];
$userVisit = $idUsers['userVisit'];
$userActive = $idUsers['userActive'];
$registered = strftime("%d/%m/%Y", $idUsers['registered']);
$lastVisit = strftime("%d/%m/%Y ", $idUsers['lastVisit']);
// Add to output
$output .= "&idUsers" . $count . "userID=" . $userID;
$output .= "&idUsers" . $count . "username=" .$userName;
$output .= "&idUsers" . $count . "userLocate=" . $userLocate;
$output .= "&idUsers" . $count . "registered=" .$registered;
$output .= "&idUsers" . $count . "lastVisit=" . $lastVisit;
$output .= "&idUsers" . $count . "userVisit=" . $userVisit;
$output .= "&idUsers" . $count . "userActive=" . $userActive;

Then flash takes that and builds an mc list to populate the data

//nextframe to load after data has been recieved
if (userPerPage>10) {
scrollBG._visible = 0;
archiveholder = thePane.getScrollContent();

for (count=0; count<userCount; count++) {
archiveholder.attachMovie("userholder", "idUsers"+count, count);
archiveholder["idUsers"+count]._y = nextY;
archiveholder["idUsers"+count].userID = this["idUsers"+count+"userID"];
archiveholder["idUsers"+count].username = this["idUsers"+count+"username"];
archiveholder["idUsers"+count].registered = this["idUsers"+count+"registered"];
archiveholder["idUsers"+count].userVisit = this["idUsers"+count+"userVisit"];
archiveholder["idUsers"+count].lastVisit = this["idUsers"+count+"lastVisit"];
archiveholder["idUsers"+count].userActive = this["idUsers"+count+"userActive"];
archiveholder["idUsers"+count].userLocate = this["idUsers"+count+"userLocate"];
nextY += Math.ceil(archiveholder["idUsers"+count]._height)+1;
if (count == userCount) {
archiveholder.attachMovie("footer", "footer"+count, count);
archiveholder["footer"+count]._y = Math.ceil(nextY-(archiveholder["idUsers"+count]._height)-2);


Anyone experince lagging when loading loading large amounts of data into flash?
Personally i would have thought to experince this if i set the pagelimit 100+



Paul Ferrie
06-03-2005, 07:15 PM
*bump*, anyone want to comment?

Paul Ferrie
06-10-2005, 12:08 PM
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