View Full Version : Custom class mapping difference from send to receive

06-03-2005, 02:23 AM

i have a simple java function that receives a ASObject[Pessoa] and returns it back
if i register class like this, i can send the data
Object.registerClass("Pessoa", Pessoa);
i receive da data back but the object returned is not more a Pessoa object
i can still access the data like pessoa.nome but it is not a instance of Pessoa

the more strange thing is

i made another function which receives strings and send back ASObjects[Pessoa], but in actionscript i registered like this:
Object.registerClass("gov.htpp.dv.Pessoa", Pessoa);

and it become a instance of Pessoa. If i use the same registerClass when sending the data I get a error: cannot create bean on server...

any sugestions? [i'm using Actionscript 2.0]