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Trevor Harrison
06-06-2005, 11:27 PM
I have a flash client and fcs server app that records audio clips from the user into flv files on the server.

The audio clips are usually pretty short, ie. 10 seconds is pretty average.

The problem: as the server records these clips, you don't see them on the file system until fcs decides to flush them out (ie. you reload the app). However, if you create more than 400 small flvs (ie. less than 37kb in size), when fcs does write the flvs out, you only get the last 400 or so clips. The first clips are lost.

For instance, during one run of the attached example, I let it go until I got about 800 clips. When I forced a reload of the app (via the App Inspector), only clips 496...800 are written. Clips 1..495? Gone. Poof.

If the audio clips are larger than 37k, they get written out as soon as they hit 37k, and don't suffer from this same problem.

I'm running fcs 1.5 update 2. I've tweaked my server.xml to drop the FLVCacheSize to 2 (from the default of 40).

To successfully run the example, you'll need to edit the TestGC_Client.as and make sure the SERVERNAME static var is correct, and place the main.asc in a "testgc" directory under applications on your fcs.

The example just randomly creates short clips. The example will also trigger another bug that I mention in another post to this forum called "FCS Zombie Streams"


Trevor Harrison
06-07-2005, 05:24 PM
Another interesting aspect of this problem is that when you force the server-side app to reload and it flushes the ~400 streams to disk (minus any before the last 400), you can still play those missing streams.... up until you restart the flashcom.exe service itself, then those streams are gone for good.