View Full Version : NetConnection.Connect.Rejected problem

06-20-2005, 02:06 PM
In my app, I connect to a Flashcom server. It is a testing server and program that is has to execute is this Flash COm server thing. So when I'm testing I just start my applet and live feeds from a webcam are previewed on my application or a .flv(also on this server) file is played in my app.

It works great...most of the time... I'm working on it all day and sometimes the following error is generated and therefor I can't watch my flv. of video from webcam:


Because it does work sometimes with the same parameters I don't think the client hasn't got permission to connect to the server or used the wrong parameters.

When I wait a few minutes it does startup...

I don't use a server-side script, doesn't know how this works...

Can anybody help me with this?