View Full Version : Audio Video streaming using Flash Communication Server

06-22-2005, 12:14 PM
I am currently working on a modeling web site and I want to offer a online portfolio where models

can post their photos, audio and video files, thus making it a multimedia based portfolio.

Here is the list of the files I plan to allow the models to upload in their portfolio
Photos - .gif, .jpg, .bmp
Audio - .mpeg, wma, mp3 and wav
Video - .avi, .mpeg, .mpg, .mov

I am trying to find a way for users of this site to view the audio/video files without having any

file format specific plug-in or player installed on their desktops. So far I have concluded that it

would be best if somehow I can manage to stream down the audio and video files on the clientís

browser in Flash format then this would require the clients to have only a Flash browser plug-in

which is a very common plug-in now a days.

I think all this could be done using Flash Communication Server and I am working on that. However I

am sure that we do not some 3rd party applications like Flix Engine http://flix.on2.com/ and similar


Any help, advice or pointers on this matter would be highly appreciated. If anyone has developed

such a feature in the past then I am also open to buying that from him (of course I canít pay a lot

of money).

Let me know.