View Full Version : PHPObject question

06-22-2005, 02:02 PM
i managed to understand how phpobject works, but now i have a question. for example this is the actionscript code:

myTest = new PHPObject("test");
myTest.modInfo_onResult = function () {
textvar = this.info;

buton.onRelease = function()

textvar and text are some vars.

the php code is:


class Test {

var $info;

function modInfo($var)
$this->info = $var;



now if there are 2 diferent persons, that are viewing the swf, when someone presses the button it modifies the $info by changing it to whatever the text variable is. but it only modifies HIS variable. how can i do in order to whenever a user that is using the swf (or any swf linked to test.php), to modify the $info for ALL other users ? how touse a mysql table in order to perform that (if required). i thought of a global variable beetween swf's or something, but i couldn't find something like that. please help me.