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06-24-2005, 01:18 PM
I've been trying to develop a flash interface using components that looks very similair to Nigel's Thread Comments threaded flash based forum found here http://www.markme.com/nigel/archives/2004_05.cfm#here. (click on the 'threaded comments' link near the bottom of the page)

Nigel is a component developer at Macromedia and unfortunetly he did not provide an explanation or source code for making a similiar app and stopped replying to the messages on the boards months ago. (there have been many requests )

To maintain his threaded posts system it looks as if he had to embed a Tree component into the first column of a datagrid and just had event listeners updating one component when the other was manipulated. Sounds easy enough, but in practise I am having some difficulty. I have been able to get a datagrid into multiple sections of an accordion just fine but despite researching v2 components, the cell render API and everything else I could find for the last few days I'm hoping to get some advice from someone who knows what they're doing

If this method is infact the best way of doing this, I'd like tips on getting a tree showing up correctly in the datagrid. Simple task but its got me kind of stumped. Do I have to use the cell renderer? I understand it somewhat but have been trying to get my head fully around it.

I'd also like to discuss the best way of getting the datagrid's content updated when the user makes the tree expand and what is the best way to have the dataGrid update its selected row when a 'row' is selected on the Tree and vice-vera, but those 2 can wait.

Thanks ahead of time for the help and I apologize for the length :O

Mark :confused:

06-24-2005, 01:44 PM
I got another one, i figure someone would try to answer atleast one of these :) I want to add multiline support to the tree, i've tried using a multiLineCell renderer but my tree's text content dissapears. Im guessing its more tricky with trees since they use XML for content?