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03-06-2001, 10:48 PM
Macromedia User Groups, called MMUGs, are terrific ways to exchange information and experiences, keep abrest of market trends and technology innovations, network with developers, as well as stay in close touch with Macromedia. The Macromedia User Group Program is a program dedicated to supporting computer user groups worldwide through informative Listserves, marketing collateral, guest speaker presentations, mailings, and more.

How does Macromedia support MMUGs?

MMUG care packages containing Macromedia marketing collateral, showcase cds, raffle prizes, and/or miscellaneous giveaways based on current product promotions and focuses.
Placement on a speaker priority list to request a Macromedia product specialist for upcoming meetings and events*.
Formal Macromedia User Group name recognition.
Primary listing on the Macromedia User Group Web page with a link to your User Group's Web site.
Exclusive use of the official Macromedia User Groups (MMUGs) logo for your marketing efforts.
Subscription to a private listserve, specifically designed to support MMUG leaders in their endeavors of forming, maintaining, and growing a successful MMUG.
Special offers and discounts to Macromedia User Conferences.
Updates on international/domestic activities via the MMUG leader listserve.
*All MMUGs must submit meeting schedules at least two months in advance to be eligible for speaking commitments. Note there is no guarantee that MMUG requests will be granted. However, every effort will be made to accommodate MMUG requests based on the resources of Macromedia.

What does Macromedia require from a MMUG?

Maintain an active and visible MMUG that educated, networks and entertains its members while building awareness of, and interest in, Macromedia products.
Provide monthly updates on MMUG activities to Macromedia.
Communicate any contact information changes to Macromedia.
Where are the current MMUGs located?
There might already be a strong MMUG in your area. You might want to consider joining efforts with your local MMUG rather than beginning a new one. Please check MMUGs Worldwide for the most current list of MMUGs.
If there is no MMUG in your area or you would still like to start a new MMUG, please proceed to the MMUG Application.

If you are intested in joining please email me at [email protected] and I will get back to you with more details, and my contact ph#


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Nice to hear.
Please post more INFO.